Pilates prenatal

Pregnancy is a time of constant transformation, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Our combined Pilates and Yoga class is designed to accompany you in every step of this wonderful transformation. We tailor each exercise to align and strengthen your body instead, focusing on the spine, pelvis, belly and rib cage, areas that undergo significant evolution during pregnancy.

Through these two powerful disciplines, we offer you a workout that tones muscles, improves balance, elasticity and strength. At the same time, Pilates and Yoga allow you to explore and adapt to the new sensations and needs that arise as your body adapts to the growth of life within you. This integrated approach not only strengthens the body, but also calms the mind and promotes a state of mental well-being.

embarazadas y posparto
embarazadas y posparto

Both disciplines deepen the breathing technique, an essential tool to connect with your body and cultivate a deep inner awareness. Through conscious breathing, you will increase your vital energy, improve your capacity for relaxation and presence, and prepare yourself serenely to face each new stage of pregnancy. This practice helps you to internalize the gestation process, facilitating a better understanding of yourself and the life you are creating.

Pregnancy is the ideal time to connect deeply with your inner self and the baby that is growing inside you. Our Pilates and Yoga classes provide the perfect space and guidance for you to explore this connection in a safe and welcoming environment, accompanied by experts and other mothers-to-be.

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