Embarazo Flow

“Pregnancy Flow” is more than just an exercise class: it is an invitation to live your pregnancy with agility and without tension. In these sessions, we help you feel comfortable and connected with your changing body. Through a holistic approach, we combine exercises from various disciplines to strengthen your body and improve your mobility, preparing you for childbirth with full confidence in your physical abilities.

Each Pregnancy Flow session is unique, incorporating elements of proven techniques such as AIPAP, the 5P method, yoga and functional exercises. This combination not only maximizes your strength and flexibility, but also ensures a balanced approach that respects and adapts to the changing needs of your pregnant body.

Multidimensional Benefits Participating in Pregnancy Flow offers significant benefits:

  • Improved Agility: Reducing strain and increasing comfort as your body adapts to its new shape.
  • Strength and Mobility: Building the endurance and muscular capacity necessary for a more manageable delivery.
  • Body Confidence: Strengthening your confidence in your body’s ability to handle the challenge of childbirth through comprehensive preparation.
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By joining our “Flow Pregnancy” classes, you also join a supportive community where other mothers-to-be share their experiences and challenges. This nurturing environment not only fosters friendships, but also provides you with emotional support and practical advice during your motherhood journey.

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