Yoga prenatal

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a series of amazing transformations on a daily basis: changes in the spine, pelvis, belly and much more. This period of constant change, both physical and emotional, invites us to connect with our body in a unique way.

In our prenatal yoga class, we offer you the opportunity to take care of your body, listen to it and immerse yourself in it, exploring the breath and the new sensations that arise during pregnancy. Our approach focuses on encouraging healthy development, promoting conscious movement through asanas (postures) and relaxation to keep your body agile, strong and free of tension.

embarazadas y posparto
embarazadas y posparto

The practice of conscious breathing will not only provide you with greater oxygenation, but will also increase your vitality and capacity for relaxation. It will help you to face each stage with serenity and to connect with yourself in this process of self-knowledge.

Yoga gives you the opportunity to live in the present, accept yourself as you are, trust yourself and others, awaken the love in your heart and discover unlimited capacities while immersing yourself in the joy of life. And who better to benefit from this gift than the new being on the way?

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