Yoga fusión

In our Yoga Fusion classes, we offer a unique experience that combines the best of traditional yoga with the innovative methodology of the 5P method. This approach seeks not only to improve flexibility and relaxation, but also to strengthen physical and mental performance through five essential principles: power, precision, prevention, perception and patience.

By focusing on the core, which is key to body stability, our sessions help strengthen the body’s core, significantly improving stability and balance in various yoga postures.

This practice is specially designed to suit the needs of mothers and their babies, as well as pregnant women. Yoga provides a solid foundation for managing stress and improving the mind-body connection, essential during and after pregnancy. Combined with the 5P method, Yoga Fusion extends these benefits by incorporating exercises that promote greater body awareness and improved muscle control, crucial elements for meeting the physical challenge of childbirth and postnatal recovery.

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Participating in our Yoga Fusion classes is also an opportunity to be part of a community that supports personal growth and maternal wellness. In a safe and welcoming environment, each mother can share her experiences and find support from other women going through similar stages of motherhood, strengthening the bond with her baby through shared practices.

Each Yoga Fusion session is carefully structured to work in harmony with the natural rhythms of the pregnant woman’s and new mothers’ bodies. Focusing on the trunk during the practices helps create a stronger spine and a more stable abdomen, critical for a healthy pregnancy and a more manageable delivery.

In addition, this approach facilitates correct postural alignment and helps prevent back pain, which is common in the postpartum period.

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