Posparto Activo

In our active postpartum class, we combine the best of the 5P Pelviperineal Proprioceptive Method, created by Chantal Fabre-Clergue, with hypopressive exercises. This dual approach strengthens and rehabilitates the lumbar, abdominal and pelvic areas, while reducing intra-abdominal pressure for postural, respiratory and sexual benefits.

Our class is specially designed for the postpartum period, offering an effective and fun recovery in a safe and welcoming environment. In addition, you can bring your baby with you, making this experience a unique moment of connection and well-being.

embarazadas y posparto
embarazadas y posparto

These exercises provide significant benefits in terms of postural, respiratory, vascular, metabolic and sexual health, which are essential for a complete postpartum recovery.

By uniting these two powerful methods, we offer you a unique postpartum recovery experience: efficient, effective and, above all, fun. Our sessions are designed to adapt to the specific needs of the female body in this delicate postpartum period, ensuring a healing and strengthening process in a safe and welcoming environment.

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