The AIPAP Terra method is a training technique specifically designed to prepare the pregnant woman’s body for childbirth. This comprehensive method works all the key muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints to facilitate the various phases of labor. The goal is for the pelvis to adapt optimally, making the process easier for both mother and baby.

Created by a midwife with a 98.19% euthyroid delivery rate, the AIPAP Terra program consists of 10 sessions of 50 minutes each, where aerobic endurance, strength and flexibility are worked on. This combination is not only effective, but also entertaining, which makes each session an expected and enjoyable moment.

aipap terra clase
aipap terra clase

Scientific evidence amply supports the benefits of physical exercise during pregnancy, both for the baby and the mother. Regular exercise helps improve physical condition, reduces stress and prepares the mother’s body for the stress of childbirth.

The supervision of a midwife in this type of class is crucial. Her expert knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of childbirth ensures that the exercises are performed safely and effectively, focusing on the most important areas for a healthy birth.

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